Amely Heart


Music has always been a big part of Amely Heart’s life. Singing is not just a job or a hobby to her, it is more of a passion. On facebook, there are more than half a million people being entertained from her. She fascinates her fans with honesty and humor.

On the 9th of July in 1998 the talented German singer and blogger was born in Dresden. Amely learned to play the piano by herself and started singing when she was 8 years old. When “High School Musical” came out she took her first steps in learning the lyrics by heart and sang the songs. Later she discovered Taylor Swift who is her biggest idol.

While Amely is doing an apprenticeship in Hotel Management, she finds time to write her own lyrics too. So far Amely has always sung for herself or to her closest family. In 2017 she took courage to apply to “DSDS”. Because of her loveliness and her emotional interpretation of several songs people started to recognize her. The fans love Amely because of naturalness and down-to-earth nature.. At “DSDS” Amely became one of the best top 100 out of more than 12,000 candidates.
“DSDS” is the most famous casting show in Germany which is shown by the channel “RTL”. Millions of viewers watch the show with excitement every single time.

What Amely says about herself:

“I love food, especially chicken. Plus I love to sleep in and I definitely need a cup of coffee in the morning to wake up. And most of all I adore cats – I love them more than anything else in the world”.